• Black Collections

    Collections 2021 – Dan Croke musings

    According to Dan Croke, the Australian fashion statement has always been in the limelight and has always been associated with sophistication, style and sexiness. The black outfits perfectly match up to shiny metallic or silver accessories and the black boots complement well with other accessories such as the silver shoes. The black jackets give the same kind of sleek appearance to the black outfits. Along with black jackets, black coats give a cool, casual look to black women’s clothing. Along with black coats, black tops and black boots are also in vogue today. The black women’s dress tops and black jackets lend black outfits a sporty and playful look.


    If you are looking for black women’s formal wear then black evening gowns are one of the most popular styles in black fashion. There are many black evening gowns available in stores today. Most of these gowns are imported and designer and include fine embroidery work on them. You can choose from the black evening gowns that include sequined sleeves, black sashes and fine detailed bodice.


    Apart from black evening gowns, black dresses and black skirts are also in vogue. These black outfits perfectly match up to black shoes and a black belt. Black knee length black dresses are also in vogue today along with black pants and black boots. For women who want to play up their femininity, black high leg stockings, black stockings and black high heels are perfect. Black high heel boots look very trendy nowadays and black stockings and black hose are ideal for black women’s formal dresses. The black women’s formal wear can be accessorized with bracelets and jewelry in black.